Made to measure furniture

Our made to measure furniture represents your personal taste and style and is designed together with you to give it your unique style in every little detail.

Once an idea is developed we will execute definite drawings which apart from giving a more concrete idea to the customer are needed by our craftsman for the actual construction of the piece. At this moment we carefully select well seasoned wood, exotic essences, wood burr rich in natural patterns.

We invite our customers to follow the construction of their furniture to better understand the natural colour of the wood and to decide together the right hue of varnish or stain to obtain a perfect combination with existing furniture.

Natural wood stains, hand lacquered, wax finish or Arabic gum are only a few of the techniques executed by our master finishers who are still able to apply antique methods like tampon finish which are essential for antique or classic furniture.

For a more contemporary look we use sandblasting with marble dust and ultrafine sands to accentuate the natural beauty of the wood and then apply wax finishes, we lacquer with water based colours, apply opaque or glossy finishes and make  modern application of gold and silver leaf.

At the final stage of a piece of furniture comes the right choice of handles, locks, keys, hinges all in tune with the style or period of the furniture and together with the installation of the hardware we check the finished piece for possible flaws . It is important however to understand that small flaws are an asset with hand made furniture and not a defect, these little imperfections give an extra value to your piece of furniture, they are the ultimate expression of  craftsmanship executed strictly by hand only.

Our goal , together with the passion and the dedication that involves our work, is to give shape to the soul that represent your personality in such a way that the furniture, kitchen, armoire, sideboard, table, bedroom, night table, chest of drawers, desk, bathroom, bookcase, boiserie, panelling…. or any other item becomes a whole with the rest of the room scheme.

We kindly invite you to visit our showroom where you will find furniture, lamps, carpets, accessories , fabrics and lots of ideas to furnish your house with taste and harmony.